#MIMM no. 1

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I think Marvelous in My Monday is just about one of the most awesome ways to start the week out there so I wanted to get in on the fun. #MIMM was created over at Healthy Diva Eats as a way to share some marvelous and kick off the week right. Pretty genius if you ask me.

Last week was pretty not marvelous. I was sick. As soon as I started to feel human the husband got sick. Basically, we were a pretty miserable household. So this weekend we were both feeling better but still wanted to chill out. No wild parties. No going out to a bar on Saturday to squeeze out the extra hour of clock change drinking time. We just wanted to hang out, do the bare minimum of chores and get some extra sleep.

So…here is how we spent our MARVELOUS weekend:

Saturday we did a full market circuit. I like to buy all organic produce but hate to spend such an intense amount of money at our local Whole Foods. So, we hit up Trader Joe’s to get everything we can and then we head to Whole Foods for the rest. A trip to TJ’s is never fast. We tend to get distracted, buy twice as many snacks as we need and then wander the beer and wine aisle for an absurdly long time.  By the time we got to Whole Foods, full throttle hanger had set in and as you can see, I got a little indecisive and a little carried away at the prepared foods area. mac n cheese and mashed potato from whole foods

Mac n’ Cheese goes really well with mashed potatoes, right?

WF saladSomehow I thought following my carb loading container by eating a container of salad drenched in dressing was going to save the day. I can’t lie…it was all delicious. Nutritionally sound? Heck no. Delicious? YES!

We topped off our shopping trip with a stop at Formaggio Kitchen where we picked up some fancy pants cheeses and these little pieces of heaven:

pistachio  macaronBy the time we got home, I realized just how overboard we had gone. That poor fruit basket is really showing its strength.  But this week is really going to be packed with delicious foods!

massive veggie and fruit pile

We capped off Saturday night with an overly competitive game of Sorry! and a “dinner” that consisted of our cheeses, bread, pickled carrots, fig jam, chocolate and a glass of wine. I was still too full from my hanger moment at Whole Foods to care that this isn’t necessarily a meal. While the humans played Sorry!, our furry guy played his own version, Empty Box Top!

sorry and cheesefinn plays sorry

Sunday turned out to be another relaxing day:

I made this marvelous chocolate sorbet. Seriously, it tastes like cold brownie batter.

I also made this marvelous Sweet Potato and Lentil Stew.

I’m feeling rested and prepared for the week ahead. Hope your weekends were just as marvelous!

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