Goodies From My Foodie Penpal!


So happy my Foodie Pen Pal over at Faulk Farmstead enjoyed her package! Be on the lookout for a review of the AMAZING goodies she sent my way :)

Originally posted on Faulk Farmstead:

I have to share some exciting news!  Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean started this amazing exchange a year ago called “Foodie Penpal” – You can sign up each month and she pairs you up with another foodie (bloggers AND readers are welcome to join).  After you exchange info, you get to exchange food!  Cool, right? My Penpal this month was Abigail over at Sweets N Beets.  She lives all the way over in Cambridge, Massachusetts – Don’t think I could get a Penpal further away!  Ever since exchanging info with her, I was so anxious to receive my package of local treats from her – and it was worth the wait! Abigail sent some great recommendations with her food as well - so of course I did some pairings!  Here’s what I got (be prepared to be jealous, folks…):

  • Cappuccino Brownies:  I’ll be honest.  I didn’t pair these with anything.  Because…

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