Race Recap: The Electric Run

image (40)

So, I ran The Electric Run about 3 weeks ago and haven’t had a chance to post about it yet but I have been dying to! This “fun run” was exactly that but I can’t claim that we ran the whole (or much of) the time. There was just too much to stop and look at to keep running.

I don’t think I can very accurately describe the run but this video does an awesome job:

How did I perform? No idea…the race isn’t timed and my goodness my results would have been awful it was. But if I could get scored on fun level, I’d be a champion.

The race website tells you to “Look the part! If it is bright-colored, blinks, shines, glows, or looks like something from another planet, it’s perfect! Put it on and come celebrate with us!” How did I do? (Sidenote: This picture cracks me up because I now realize just how much taller than me my husband, who took the picture, is. I’m really that far down?)

photo (6)

Fear not. If you aren’t “electric” enough at the beginning of the run, there are literally people standing on towers throwing arm fulls of glow gear into the crowd.

photo (4)

The race was full of music and really neat picture opportunities. Like this shadow screen to dance behind:

screen dancing at the electric run

Or this lit up globe area (I don’t know what else to call it.)

photo (8)

And a kind of wild concert at the finish:

electric run concert

Would I recommend The Electric Run? OH HECK YES. I mean, if you’re trying to set a PR then this isn’t the race for that but if you’re looking for a really fun race…this can’t be beat!

Have you ever done a “fun run” that really was a fun run?

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