Choose A Goal…Check!

I’m the kind of gal who needs a plan to get things done. I thrive on lists, check boxes and if I had more free time you had better believe I’d have a gold-star chart all for myself.

So, after mentioning in my last post that I wanted to get in shape and feel my best to take part in all of those glorious summer activities, I then had to devise a plan.

First off, what I needed was a goal to work towards. What did I decide on? I’m going to run another half marathon. . . the Zooma Cape Code Half Marathon to be exact. This gives me 27 weeks to get ready. Not overly ambitious but I’m still shakin’ in my boots a little bit.

I ran the Disney Princess Half back in February of 2013. My only goal was to finish on two feet, which I did. And while my time wasn’t stellar I did much better than I had expected to. I wasn’t sure afterwards if I really wanted to run another long-ish race but the bug has bitten me again and I’m ready! This time I think I’ll set a better goal for myself though (I’ll determine what that is as the date gets closer).

It’s hard to believe that in only 27 weeks the summer will be over though! I can barely fathom it ever actually arriving, let alone look forward to an event after it has left.

Is anyone else planning any late summer / early fall activities yet? Am I way ahead of myself?

100 Days Until Summer

Could it be true? Are there really only 100 days left until summer?

It seems hard to believe as we sit here in chilly New England waiting for a snowstorm to hit tonight.

But take a look at the calendar you human popsicles, its true! Summer is coming!

100 Days Until Summer Countdown

Despite the chilly weather, I’m looking forward to the warmth and the sun like you wouldn’t believe. I’m taking my excitement for all things Spring and Summer as motivation to get back on track. I want to feel strong and confident for biking, hiking, stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking, camping, swimming, races… I could keep going but I don’t know that I would ever stop.

How do I plan on achieving that? I have big plans but to put it basically, I want to keep up my workouts and eat fresh, healthy food. And mostly, I can’t wait to participate in the Tone It Up Bikini series which starts at the end of April.

I haven’t been totally off track since the last time I checked in here in … November (oops) but I could have been a lot better.

Where the heck have I been? The timeline looks something like:

Having an awful time at work > Stop breathing> Start applying for a new job > The interviewing/hiring process > New Dog (ahhhhhh finallyyyyyyy) > New Job > Breathe again

So, here I am, back at it!

See you soon with some updates on my Summertime prep work! (Actually soon, not 4 months from now).

my october foodie pen pal

foodiepenpalThis was my second month of the Foodie Pen Pals program put together by Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean.  I’ve been reading other people’s FPP posts for such a long time and finally decided to get in on the action. So far, it has been such a huge treat!

Quick summary: Each month, participants are matched with one another and spend about $15 putting together a box of their favorite snacks to send to one another. Then, on the last day of the month everyone reveals their pen pal goodies. 

Sidenote: YES! I’m late this month & probably slapping myself on the hand as you read.

I was paired with Mel over at Faulk Farmstead.  Mel lives and farms in Washington state. How cool is that? Not to mention, her blog is really adorable and you should probably check it out.

I love being paired with people from so far away. It really gives me a chance to try some tasty out of the ordinary (for Cambridge, MA) treats!

So, what delightful treats did Mel send?

Masala Pop: Okay really if a treat could be made for me it would be this one. I LOVE popcorn in a not so normal way and I feel just about as crazy about Spiced Chai. Lucky for me, my husband hates chai spice so I brought this to work to share (but not share too much) with a few of my food crazed friends and everyone raved about it!

masala pop

Peach Jalapeno Preserves: WOW! This had just the right amount of sweet and spicy to keep me really happy. It’s made in Washington state and I have to say I’m pretty bummed that I’m so far from the origin of this goodness! My husband and I snacked on this with a little manchego cheese and a glass of wine after work one night. It was the perfect snack to keep me super happy and satiated until dinner time.

Up next, I’d like to smother some tempeh slices in these preserves and cook them up. I’ll let you know how that goes.


Theo Hazelnut Crunch Chocolate Bar: This was right up my alley. It tasted like a more wholesome Toblerone (and I have a love/guilt complex with Toblerone). I have my eye out for more of this brand when I’m out an about now for sure. One of the best features (that I didn’t get a picture of because I’m a pig…)  was that this bar broke into four nice big adult sized pieces. Not those little tiny squares like a Hershey bar (yuck). So saying “I ate a piece of chocolate” means you REALLY ate a piece of chocolate with this bar. I won’t discuss how quickly this was devoured. Let’s just say my husband is lucky he interfered in time to get a taste. 


Snoqualmie Falls Lodge Pancake & Waffle Mix: Traditionally we do Thursday night breakfast for dinner in our house and this mix made for some awesome pancakes! Honestly, I stink at making pancakes but this mix worked like a charm!


Thank You again Mel! Everything you included was absolutely delicious and so unique too!

#MIMM no. 1

marvelous in my monday logo

I think Marvelous in My Monday is just about one of the most awesome ways to start the week out there so I wanted to get in on the fun. #MIMM was created over at Healthy Diva Eats as a way to share some marvelous and kick off the week right. Pretty genius if you ask me.

Last week was pretty not marvelous. I was sick. As soon as I started to feel human the husband got sick. Basically, we were a pretty miserable household. So this weekend we were both feeling better but still wanted to chill out. No wild parties. No going out to a bar on Saturday to squeeze out the extra hour of clock change drinking time. We just wanted to hang out, do the bare minimum of chores and get some extra sleep.

So…here is how we spent our MARVELOUS weekend:

Saturday we did a full market circuit. I like to buy all organic produce but hate to spend such an intense amount of money at our local Whole Foods. So, we hit up Trader Joe’s to get everything we can and then we head to Whole Foods for the rest. A trip to TJ’s is never fast. We tend to get distracted, buy twice as many snacks as we need and then wander the beer and wine aisle for an absurdly long time.  By the time we got to Whole Foods, full throttle hanger had set in and as you can see, I got a little indecisive and a little carried away at the prepared foods area. mac n cheese and mashed potato from whole foods

Mac n’ Cheese goes really well with mashed potatoes, right?

WF saladSomehow I thought following my carb loading container by eating a container of salad drenched in dressing was going to save the day. I can’t lie…it was all delicious. Nutritionally sound? Heck no. Delicious? YES!

We topped off our shopping trip with a stop at Formaggio Kitchen where we picked up some fancy pants cheeses and these little pieces of heaven:

pistachio  macaronBy the time we got home, I realized just how overboard we had gone. That poor fruit basket is really showing its strength.  But this week is really going to be packed with delicious foods!

massive veggie and fruit pile

We capped off Saturday night with an overly competitive game of Sorry! and a “dinner” that consisted of our cheeses, bread, pickled carrots, fig jam, chocolate and a glass of wine. I was still too full from my hanger moment at Whole Foods to care that this isn’t necessarily a meal. While the humans played Sorry!, our furry guy played his own version, Empty Box Top!

sorry and cheesefinn plays sorry

Sunday turned out to be another relaxing day:

I made this marvelous chocolate sorbet. Seriously, it tastes like cold brownie batter.

I also made this marvelous Sweet Potato and Lentil Stew.

I’m feeling rested and prepared for the week ahead. Hope your weekends were just as marvelous!

Want more information on Marvelous in My Monday?

Goodies From My Foodie Penpal!


So happy my Foodie Pen Pal over at Faulk Farmstead enjoyed her package! Be on the lookout for a review of the AMAZING goodies she sent my way :)

Originally posted on Faulk Farmstead:

I have to share some exciting news!  Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean started this amazing exchange a year ago called “Foodie Penpal” – You can sign up each month and she pairs you up with another foodie (bloggers AND readers are welcome to join).  After you exchange info, you get to exchange food!  Cool, right? My Penpal this month was Abigail over at Sweets N Beets.  She lives all the way over in Cambridge, Massachusetts – Don’t think I could get a Penpal further away!  Ever since exchanging info with her, I was so anxious to receive my package of local treats from her – and it was worth the wait! Abigail sent some great recommendations with her food as well – so of course I did some pairings!  Here’s what I got (be prepared to be jealous, folks…):

  • Cappuccino Brownies:  I’ll be honest.  I didn’t pair these with anything.  Because…

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Race Recap: The Electric Run

image (40)

So, I ran The Electric Run about 3 weeks ago and haven’t had a chance to post about it yet but I have been dying to! This “fun run” was exactly that but I can’t claim that we ran the whole (or much of) the time. There was just too much to stop and look at to keep running.

I don’t think I can very accurately describe the run but this video does an awesome job:

How did I perform? No idea…the race isn’t timed and my goodness my results would have been awful it was. But if I could get scored on fun level, I’d be a champion.

The race website tells you to “Look the part! If it is bright-colored, blinks, shines, glows, or looks like something from another planet, it’s perfect! Put it on and come celebrate with us!” How did I do? (Sidenote: This picture cracks me up because I now realize just how much taller than me my husband, who took the picture, is. I’m really that far down?)

photo (6)

Fear not. If you aren’t “electric” enough at the beginning of the run, there are literally people standing on towers throwing arm fulls of glow gear into the crowd.

photo (4)

The race was full of music and really neat picture opportunities. Like this shadow screen to dance behind:

screen dancing at the electric run

Or this lit up globe area (I don’t know what else to call it.)

photo (8)

And a kind of wild concert at the finish:

electric run concert

Would I recommend The Electric Run? OH HECK YES. I mean, if you’re trying to set a PR then this isn’t the race for that but if you’re looking for a really fun race…this can’t be beat!

Have you ever done a “fun run” that really was a fun run?

what i ate wednesday – disaster style #wiaw


Happy Hump Day…again! I don’t know why but this week feels like it is going by at a glacial pace for me. Perhaps that can be accurately depicted in this disaster edition of What I Ate Wednesday.

Let’s take a look:

Breakfast: All went well with breakfast. I had Hummasapien’s Pumpkin Pie Green Smoothie. This is definitely going to become a regular thing for me. I will probably have it nearly every day until I can’t stand it anymore…the mark of a truly great recipe.


Lunch: Everything was still going well…I had some leftovers of the Maple Stuffed Sweet Potato. I don’t think I can sing enough praises of this meal. Cooking tempeh in maple syrup is probably the most genius thing of all time.


Snack: Yeah… It was that kind of day at work….


Dinner: This is where things went wrong. Very wrong. I got. Home from work way later than expected and so cooking what was listed on my meal plan was out of the question. What’s easy and delicious? Trader Joe’s Meatless Mandarin Chicken and Brown Basmati of course!20131023-093231.jpg

But it somehow becomes much less delicious on the floor.


At this point it was pretty late and I was pretty mad so I searched my fridge for the fastest and easiest thing I could find. This ended up being the world’s tiniest cheese quesadilla on corn tortillas. Less than thrilling.


I’m still mad about the Mandarin Chicken.

Here’s to a better showing next week!

Want to know more about WIAW? Check out Peas & Crayons.

What are you eating this Wednesday?